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    You need a "Sexcation"!

    • January 5, 2017
    • Written by The Love Den

    Congratulations, we have made it through another busy, stressful holiday season!

    If you are like the rest of us, sex life may have been pushed to the back burner for a couple of weeks Now is the perfect time to reconnect with your partner, recover and relax!

    Whether you go away to a tropical destination, book a local hotel or stay home, a "sexcation" is always fun and can feel special if planned a bit ahead.

    How To Have A Successful Sexcation


    Sometimes, when you’ve been with your partner for a long time, finding the time for long, drawn-out, loaded-with-foreplay sessions in the sack is hard to do. You long for those beginning days in your relationship, when you’d be in bed for hours, unaware of where the time went, surrounded by open condom wrappers and half-full wine glasses. You just want to live in and on each other’s bodies, uninterrupted, for days. If you really need that in your relationship, you’re going to need to plan a sexcation.

    Just like you plan a vacation or staycation when you need a break from real life, you plan a sexcation when you need a break from real sex (which, over XMas holidays and family visits can sometimes mean no sex). But staycations require very specific planning. Here is how to have a successful sexcation.


    If you have kids, get them out of your hair for at least 36 hrs!

    Decide what your budget can handle
    After so much December spending. What will work best? A trip? A hotel night? A stay at home sex night? Whatever you choose go the extra mile and show your partner time with them is important and special!

    Create an atmosphere at home!
    Tantric masters have celebrated "connection" for centuries and can offer a great set of guidelines to creating an atmosphere of relaxation and beauty with distractions eliminated. In Tantra, sexual exploration is slowed down, so that every nuance and sensation is fully enjoyed without orgasm being a finish line we need to race towards.

    Light candles, create a soundtrack that is complimentary, warm some oil, collect an array of foods to nibble and play with, decorate with flowers, maybe try hanging silk scarves with a small fan to move them like an underwater oasis, a small fan may also tinkle delicate wind chimes! Don't forget to be creative with lighting.

    Avoid family hotels on your trip!
    If you’re going on your sexcation at a hotel, do a little research to make sure you stay at one that is mostly for adults. Family hotels result in parents calling the front desk because you’re being too loud while their toddler is napping. Family hotels result in diapers filling the trash cans by the swimming pool. Family hotels just aren’t conducive to a sexcation.

    Buy lingerie
    For goodness sake, this is sexcation 101: buy yourself some damn lingerie!  Yes guys, us women love to see your tush encased in something sexy as well!.  Don't consider any of the ones he has seen a million times that are partially tattered - these will not do. Buy all new lingerie for your sexcation, just the way you buy new bikinis for a regular vacation. The occasion deserves new lingerie.

    Get creative in the sack!
    Your partner may or may not be open about secret fantasies, but your sexcation is the perfect time to explore all those naughty secret desires!  Buy a set toy, lube or some new, daring play-item.  Do some roll-play, have a three-some or visit a sex-resort for the day!  If you are on the more conservative side, hand make  a coupon book especially tailored to your partner's desires! Whatever you choose, new moves, wild experiences and the memories you make will  ramp up your sex lives for months to come!

    Sleep in
    Don’t wake up early to have sex. There is no point. Part of the reason you don’t have enough sex in your normal lives is because you’re sleep deprived! So get all the sleep you want; it will produce more happy chemicals in your brain and give you the physical strength to bang all day.

    Turn off your phones
    You tell yourselves you’ll, “Only answer for emergencies.” But you know how you are. Once you see that phone beep or buzz or vibrate, that “only emergencies” rule goes out the window. Your partner will love your undivided attention and will happily reciprocate!

    Double up on lubricant
    You’re putting your vagina/penis through a lot this weekend. You’ll need a little extra help from your favourite lubricant!  While you’re at it, get a small sample of tingly or some edible kind.

    Draw a bath/get a room with a jacuzzi
    Sitting in hot water together is so relaxing and sensual. And I bet you never get to do it. Doing something out of the ordinary is exciting and arousing, so draw a bath instead of taking your usual rushed showers.

    Get along ahead of time
    If you know your sexcation is around the corner, make a point to not pick fights. Don’t bring up that topic that always leads to an argument. That dirty dish he left on the counter—just wash it for him and forget about it. If you’re arguing leading up to the sexcation, it will be hard to get in the mood during the sexcation.

    ~ Enjoy your quiet times together - they are the rewards we reap while living busy lives! ~