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    Safe Prostate Massage . . .

     Here's a cute "Anal Milking" video for laughs . . .


     G-Spot Squirting talk on the Oprah show . . .

    Women sharing G Spot experiences . .

     Some excellent tips for men wanting to find and stimulate a G Spot . . .

    Some Love Den recomended sites addressing E.D. (Erectile Dysfunction)

    The Mayo Clinic - Sexual Health

    An in depth web site with loads of information compiled by Doctors of medicine and Phycology offering people specific information covering many topics such as: Paronie’s disease (painful curved erection), erectile dysfunction - causes and options, high blood pressure and sex, diabetes and sex, natural herbal aphrodisiacs, anti depressants and sexual desire and much more.

    40 Over 40

    Specifically addressing Erectile Dysfunction, options, causes and treatments.


    Sex Toy Basics

    Sex toys come in thousands of different sizes, shapes and functions -- you could have a different toy for every day of the week! But to narrow the search field, think about your needs and preferences, and consider the following questions:

    • What shapes appeal to you?
    • Do you find some sex toys silly looking?
    • Do you have a color preference?
    • Do you know what materials you like most: silicone, jelly, rubber. latex, glass or plastic?
    • Do you want stay traditional or try something new and wild?
    • Do you have trouble reaching orgasm during penetration?
    • Do you consider yourself to be "clitoral"?
    • Are you curious about G-Spot and/or prostate exploration?
    • Do you want to use your toy alone or with a partner

    There's no right answer to any of these questions -- whatever floats your boat is fine with us! However, you'll have an easier time selecting your vibrator, dildo or pocket pal if you give it some thought before you try to buy.

    Whichever toy you decide to try, let your desires be your guide. Don't let other people's inhibitions bring you down. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying, owning and using sex toys! Whether you use your toys alone or with a partner, you are enhancing your life and pumping up your sex drive. Furthermore, you're keeping an open mind and trying something new, which is the key to lifelong learning. So relax and enjoy yourself. Who knows? Perhaps some day you'll have a whole treasure trove of titillating toys to tickle your fancy!

    If after looking around you still feel unsure about your selection, remember most toys are available in several price points to allow you to experiment without making expensive mistakes.

    View online catalogues for an even larger selection.

    Remember, The staff at LOVE DEN are extensively trained to offer non judgmental advice and information. We are happy to help so feel free to e-mail us your questions or concerns and we will happily respond!!