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    Summer Sex In Nature

    • June 3, 2019
    • Written by The Love Den

    Getting frisky in the great outdoors can be one of summer’s greatest pleasures—that is, if you can find a place and a time that give you that free, al fresco feeling without subjecting you to bug bites, sunburns, or prying eyes (hey, unless that’s your thing—no judgment). And if you haven’t taken things outside yet, there’s good reason to.

    Women grow up with many restrictions on their sexuality. Imagine the psychological thrill of liberating yourself from the rule of privacy and indulging in a curiosity-fueled fantasy, in which spontaneity rules and excitement and fun is the goal—not necessarily orgasm.  (Though it’s certainly a plus.)

    Be prepared

    Packing a “summer sex bag,” and keeping it in your purse or car. The thrill of outdoor sex is that it’s unplanned and outside your regular routine, so keep the things you’ll need on hand in case the moment grabs you. Include condoms, lubricant, a towel, wet wipes, sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, a clean pair of undies for afterward, and a hat to make you less recognizable. Having the right supplies makes it easier to enjoy the full experience.

    Build up to it

    Since many women tend to need 20 to 30 minutes to become orgasmic, consider starting foreplay inside, or in the car, or wherever you are before the outdoor sex. Chances of orgasm increase if there is a lot of arousal beforehand, whether that’s sexting, sexual touching, playing, and teasing, so that by the time you get outdoors you’re ready to pop! That worked for Alice, 30, of New York City. “Last summer, my ex-boyfriend and I were poolside hanging on chaise lounges at the gorgeous New England country home of his father, who happens to be a famous political commentator,” she says. “We’d been lounging and flirting for hours, nearly naked, so when everyone else left to run errands in the middle of the afternoon, it was on: Summer sweat, breeze blowing, swimsuits pulled to the side—thinking back on it still gets me all hot.”

    Keep in mind, not everyone's fantasy is to stumple across a hot and sweaty sexual activity while on a summer stroll, so be careful and respectful. Choose a secluded spot with a beautiful view away from passer-bys and have fun!

    Have a happy and sexy summer everyone!