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    • Crazy Girl Pleasure Balls

    Crazy Girl Pleasure Balls

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    24k golden pleasure balls are perfectly weighted for orgasmic pleasure and include a free keepsake bag.The only pleasure balls of its kind!

    Chromium steel balls with durable luxurious 24k gold plating...won't chip, crack, or peel!

    Enhance sexual pleasure by strengthening vaginal muscles for a 'squeeze' your parter will definatley notice! Sized and weighted to increase muscle strength during Kegel or vaginal contracting exercises allowing a stronger PC muscle for intensified orgasms.

    Use these balls as you would any excercise routine:

    • Begin with one ball in 15-30 min durations, 2-4 times per week during mild activity.
    • Use two balls in 15-30 min durations, 2-4 times per week during mild activity.
    • Use two balls 30-60 min durations, 3-6 times per week during moderate activity.
    • Buy another set of balls to pump up the intensity with added weight and activity levels.

    Once 4-6 balls are used without feeling overly challenged, we also offer a 'Vaginal Barbell' that will increase your strenght so much that you'll be well on your way to being able to crack walnuts!         (search ÉNERGIE in our search bar above)

    Working out was never this much fun!

    As mentioned in Fifty Shades Of Grey, these heavy little balls can be inserted into your lady's vagina before public get-togethers. Yes, she'll be nervous and you'll have so much fun watching her squirm!

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