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    Tenga Flip Hole

    • $145.00

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    The Tenga Flip Hole is the ultimate in male masturbation. Now the hottest selling sex toy in Japan, the Flip Hole was designed by an engineer to be both stylish and functional. The interior is incredibly detailed, molded in super-soft silicone to feel great on your member.
    Simply “flip” open to clean, and you’re done! Quality masturbation has never been this easy.

    Choose where you want the most tightness with the three-button One Hand Control Pad - each button, while pressed, will squeeze a different section of the soft rubber canal.

    The differences in colour are more than just cosmetic, as each one brings a unique combination of texture and material... (Colours in stock may vary)

    Flip Hole WHITE:
    - Experience the supple texture of our softest FLIP HOLE.
    - The gentle, yet intricate details provide a sublime sensation.
    - The One Hand Control Pad lets you control the stimulation.

    Flip Hole BLACK:
    - Its perfect tightness provides a dynamic stimulation.
    - The accentuated three-dimensional details rhythmically arouse.
    - Pioneering molding technology give life to “Double-Layered” details.

    Flip Hole RED: 
    - Densely packed protrusions brush along as they entangle you.
    - A stream of smoothly formed ribs gently tickle your glans.
    - Ribs aligned in a fan-shape sector amplify the stimulation.

    Flip Hole SILVER:
    - A strong squeeze is delivered from the firm passage of edges.
    - The firm elastomer provides a rebounding sensation from its walls.
    - Envelop yourself in a maze of planes and edges for a strong, smooth sensation.

    Combine this product with the TENGA Hole Warmer, and you're in for one hot time! 

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