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    • Tenga Easy Beat Egg Hard Boiled

    Tenga Easy Beat Egg Hard Boiled

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    The new Hard Boiled Tenga Egg 6-Pack feature a firmer elastomer sleeve, producing greater feelings of tightness, while every ridge or swirl is exemplified from the original Egg.


       Get different stokes from different yolks!

    Thunder - Firm, vertical lightning edges provide a strong, sharp sensation.

    Crater - The indented surfaces of the cratered nubs offer adherence from all angles. 

    Misty - The microscopic nubs that adorn its entire inner surface create a veil of sensations that flutter along your shaft in a cloud of comfort.

    Cloudy - The thickest of the TENGA EGG Series creates a cloud formation to drive you wild. 

    Shiny - It's radiating ribs stimulate around your shaft for a wild and unrelenting sensation!

    Surfer - With accentuated nubs for those surprise drops, see if you can control this gnarly ride!

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