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    • ID Millenium 4.4 oz Moisturizing Silicone Lubricant

    ID Millenium 4.4 oz Moisturizing Silicone Lubricant

    • $35.00

    This super-concentrated silky-light formula lubricates in an absolutely unique way from most water-based brands. It's extremely long lasting and will remain slick on your body even after long periods...and plenty of action! This said, ID Millenium will easily wash away with soap and water. This advanced silicone formula will NEVER get sticky, guaranteed. This product will not harm latex or rubber, but is not compatible with other silicone items. Also makes a great alternative to oils for a sensual and slippery massage. Got extra on your hands? Silicone is a common ingredient in many hair shine products on the market today, so go ahead and lightly run your fingers through your hair. Talk about a multi-use product!

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