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    Know Your Lube Ingredients

    • May 24, 2016
    • Written by The Love Den

    Here at Love Den we strive to educate ourselves so that we may pass on useful information and assistance to our customers.

    For years we have known that not all personal lubricants are healthy. This really does not come as a huge surprise, seeing as our grocery stores and drug stores are full of harmful products. As far as I'm concerned, no one should put too much trust in the findings of the FDA, or pharmacutical companies.

    When considering a brand of personal lubricant to try, we reccomend several natural and organic options we carry and also are our best sellers. Your mucus membranes will quickly absorb all ingredients which then pass directly into your blood stream so ingrediants are very important.

    Why be so concerned you ask? Take parabens for example - parabens mimic estrogen, alter your hormone level (or your unborn child if you are pregnant) and may lead to breast cancer. Parabens have been banned in many European countries for years, so whats up with our FDA? Hmmm good question. Parabens should also be avoided if you have cancer, are going through chemo or radiation treatments, are pregnant, have a compromised ammune system or are just trying to live a clean life style. Propylene glycol is an ingredient that commonly causes tissue irritation in many women, so the more sex we have the worse our vagina feels - not good! According to the FDA, Phenoxyethanol may effect your immune system, could depress the central nervous system in infants and is described as a moderate irrantant that has possible links to toxicity and skin irritation....yet they approve it's presence in personal lubricants. What a world we live in - thanks FDA!

    Next time youre looking for a safe, slippery, healthy lubricant ask us - we won't stear you wrong!

    Here is an informative blog talking about osmolality levels of lubricant. It's fastinating and frigtening at the same time and something every one should consider.

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