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    • Intimate Rider

    Intimate Rider

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    Everyone knows bullets are a woman's best friend! Now you guys can cash in on the action too!

    Slip this comfortabe, super stretchy jelly cock ring hoster on the base of your shaft (notice the rock hard effects of blood retention) flop on your back and enjoy the fantastic experience of 'woman-on-top' action. Ladies you get tired on top? Well not any more! With the powerful vibe attached to your man's cock you'll be shocked at how stimulating a nice relaxing grind can be!

    And for you adventurous men, try reversing the ring position and placing the vibe behind your scrotum . . . want to talk about 'P' spot delight? (we do)

    Bullet can be used:

    • Handheld for clit stimulation
    • Handheld for perrinium stimulation
    • In the holster for woman on top
    • In panties while out and about
    • Inside other hollow toys
    • Inside finger sleeve
    • For descreet travel play

    Requires 3 AA batteries

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