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    Please visit our store to enjoy our massive selection in person! We have too many toys to possibly put them all on this site.

    We no longer offer internet sales - Sorry for any inconvenience

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    Our Store Location:
    #121 - 735 Goldstream Avenue, Victoria, BC          V9B 2X4
    (in Langford at the Goldstream Station Plaza)

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    • Monday - Thursday:  11 - 6
    • Fridays - 11 - 8
    • Saturday - 11 - 6
    • Sundays - 11 - 6
    • Holidays -  Closed

    Closed The Following Holidays: 

    New Year's Day

    Family Day

    Easter Monday

    Victoria Day

    Canada Day

    BC Day 

    Labor Day

    Truth & Reconciliation Day

    Thanksgiving Day

    Remembrance Day

    XMas Day

    Boxing Day

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