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    Dilator Kit

    • $84.00

    Product Description

    Containing five silky probes designed to help ease penetration, the Inspire Collection's Dilator Kit gently stretches tight or sensitive areas, restoring comfort and pleasure at a comfortable custom pace.  This product is doctor reccomended to ease the effects of vaginal tightening or vaginal atrophy. This fantastic kit is perfect for use in graduated anal play as well!

    In super-smooth silicone, each Dilator curves naturally forward, aligning easily with the contours of the female body. Starting off very slim .5" (1.25cm) wide and barely longer than a baby finger at 3" (7.5cm), the five sizes increase up to the largest 5.5" (14cm) version. Regardless of which is in use, the Dilator's sleek shape widens very gently toward a ringed handle- slip a favorite bullet vibe through the loop if desired.

    In smooth pink premium silicone, each Dilator warms quickly to meet body temperature. Extremely hygeinc and 100% body safe, the hypoallergenic material cleans easily and thoroughly using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid foam. Compatible with any great quality water based lubricant. Waterproof.

    *CalExotics generously donates proceeds from this item to Living Beyond Breast Cancer®.

    • Length: 7.5"
    • Insertable Length: 5.5"
    • Girth: 1.25" at largest point
    • Width: 4.25" at largest point
    • Materials: Silicone

    Special Features: Hypoallergenic, Phthalate-Free, Smooth Surfae

    Did You Know?

    Menopause Facts: Defined as 12 months since a woman’s menstrual cycle; average age 51.3 yrs., not a single event, symptoms last on average 3.8 years.

    Menopause – Vaginal Atrophy is a common symptom of menopause. It has been estimated that over 50% of menopausal women will develop atrophy. Some estimates are even higher at 75-90%.

    • Cancer treatments – Cervical, Ovarian, Breast, Uterine
    • Both chemotherapy and radiation therapy can cause ovarian failure. With little to no estrogen being produced menopause is brought on. Vaginal atrophy can also be a side effect of treatment for cancers that are not specifically located in the pelvic region.
    • Surgery – Surgical removal of the ovaries immediately brings the onset of menopause and can cause vaginal atrophy to develop.
    • Childbirth/breast-feeding
    • Following childbirth and while breastfeeding some women experience a drop in estrogen levels causing vaginal dryness.

    Why Dilators are Recommended

    Vaginal dilators are used to slowly increase the size of the vagina, restoring length, shape, and elasticity. They are used to gently massage and stretch the vaginal tissue making penetration more comfortable. This is especially effective due to the narrowing of the vaginal canal.

    What is Vaginismus?

    Vaginismus is a condition where there is involuntary tightness of the vagina during attempted intercourse. Reacting to the anticipation of pain, the body automatically tightens the vaginal muscles, bracing to protect itself from harm. Sex becomes uncomfortable or painful, and entry may be more difficult or impossible depending upon the severity of this tightened state.

    Vaginal Atrophy & Vaginismus

    When vaginal atrophy goes undiagnosed and a woman continues to attempt to engage in intercourse, vaginismus may develop. It is important in these situations to address both the vaginal atrophy and vaginismus. Both problems will need to be treated to ensure full resolution. Without addressing the vaginal atrophy, it will be difficult to resolve the vaginismus as it may continue to be triggered by pain from the atrophy condition.

    Questions to Ask Yourself if You Suspect Vaginal Atrophy

    • Has sex become increasingly uncomfortable?
    • Does your vagina feel like “sandpaper”?
    • Do you have vaginal dryness, itching, and/or burning?
    • Have you noticed a decrease in your natural lubrication?
    • Have pelvic/gynecological exams become uncomfortable?
    • Have there been changes in the outer appearance of the vagina? Shrinking folds of skin? Less pubic hair?
    • Is there a reason you may be experiencing a drop in estrogen production—approaching menopause, cancer treatment, etc.?


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