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    Back to School

    • September 5, 2017
    • Written by The Love Den

    Everyone loves summertime and the fantastic opportunity for family fun, activities and holidays!

    Way to go ladies, you survived the last two months of extra activities, packing for trips, skinned knees and late nights.

    13 years ago I didn't understand shopping trends as well as I do now, and one funny trend is the huge influx of Moms coming in to buy a new toy as soon as the kids are back in school.

    What many of you ladies have dIscovered is the value of that hard earned time to yourselves. Many of you have also come to know just how much stress is released with just a few minutes alone with your 'battery operated boyfriend", or maybe your life is settling in to a routine again which makes snuggling with your man a bit easier with fewer interruptions. Whatever your activity, relax, enjoy and reward yourselves - you deserve it!

    I hope everyone had a great summer!